1 Chronicles 12:23,32

Jeremiah 27:1-11; 29:4-14

1 Peter 2:9-25


Regardless the physical and political environment we live in, we must still be faithful to serve God’s desires and relate to that environment in the way that he would find most appropriate rather than being influenced by it. This week’s discussion will focus on the sovereignty of God, living as aliens and strangers in a foreign land, and trusting him during challenging times. 

Discussion Questions

  1. Review the message. What stood out to you from the weekend message?


  2. In your own words what does it mean that God is sovereign?


  3. How do you see the sovereignty of God in the history of Israel?
    How does this bring comfort and perspective to your worldview and our current world situation?


  4. Knowing God has His hand in our lives and world events at all times, why is it difficult to trust His sovereignty in our present situations?
    How does it make you feel to know that neither you nor anyone else can keep God’s purposes from being accomplished?


  5. Read 1 Peter 2:11&12
    What does it mean to live as an alien and stranger?
    Why do you think Peter stresses this?


  6. Read Jeremiah 29:7.
    What do you think the phrase, “Seek the welfare of the city” means?
    How can you seek the welfare of the city?


  7. Read Mathew 5: 14-16.
    What did Jesus say about living good lives and the impact it can have on a non-believing world?