1 Corinthians 13:4-5


Bill continues a very insightful study of love and marriage.  As he unpacked V 5, one thought was discussed:  In all healthy, happy relationships and marriages, there is a common denominator; “Good forgivers”.


Bill focused on the verb found in V5 – Not resentful.  We are going to dig a little deeper into what that means this week in our Life Groups. Our questions are designed to probe this topic.  

Discussion Questions


1.  What does keeping score look like in a relationship?
2.  How might focusing on the things that your spouse (or friend) isn’t, rather than what he or she is change your relationship?
3.  What 3 insights can we learn from found in Matt.18: 21-35 on forgiveness?
4.  What negative dynamic takes place in our relationships when we are so busy keeping score?
A simple thought: how can we hold our spouses accountable when we are hanging on to the scorecard?
5.  Discuss the idea that it’s actually an insult to God when I don’t forgive, when I myself have been forgiven of so much.     
Thought: an unforgiving heart is an unforgiven heart.
6.  How can we let go instead of hanging on?
Thought: let go and embrace.