1 Samuel 8:1-22


Israel faces a crisis in leadership that effected their security. They ask for a king to be like other nations. Samuel explains the cost of Their request. Their decision remains for a king and God advises Samuel to grant them a king.

Discussion Questions 

1) Spend a few moments discussing what aspects of 1 Samuel 8 pique your interest, raise question, or cause disruption in thinking about God and/or His people.

2) When it comes to making major life decisions, what are some of the ways you evaluate whether or not you should make that decision?

3) What was the significance of Israel’s decision for a king?
• what factor/factors played into them making that decision?
• In what ways does our decision-making process follow that of the Israelites?
• Can you think of a recent example in your own life?

4) In his message, Steve said that we are more like the Israelites than perhaps we want to believe. We might not be asking for a new king, but we are all pursuing something other than God to bring us a sense of security, significance and unconditional love. What are the things you are trusting instead of God to bring you a sense of security? Significance? Unconditional love?

5) God’s response to Israel is to give them what they want (v7). What does God’s response teach you about His character?

6) Part of the motivation for Israel wanting a human king was so that they could be like every other nation. How often are we controlled by the perceived need to be like people around us? Why is it hard to live differently than the culture where in?