1 Thessalonians 1:3-10


Bill presented part two of the 7 characteristics of our salvation that if lived out will change our community:

  1. They Extend and embrace grace and peace


  2. They live their faith


  3. They understand their identity in Christ


  4. They experiences the conviction of the gospel


  5. They Imitate Jesus


  6. They have turned from idols to a living God


  7. They wait for the coming of Jesus


Last week we looked at the first 3. This week we’ll discuss numbers 5,6, and 7 and answer the question are we as believers in Christ doing these three things and if not, why?

Discussion Questions

  1. What from the weekend sermon stood out to you?


  2. What is a definition of the word “gospel”? Read 1 Corinthians 15:1-4 what is the gospel of Jesus Christ? Explain.


  3. What is the greatest obstacle we face in trying to make the gospel clear? How can we overcome it?


  4. Read Philippians 3:17—4:1. What is the value of imitating Christ and following the example of those who imitate Christ in their lives? Would anyone think of following your example as you imitate Christ in your life? What, if anything, would have to change in order for you to be a good example to follow?


  5. Most of the idols we worship are idols of the heart. The things we value and cherish most are what we dedicate our time to. What do you spend your time on? What we invest our money in is often an indicator of what we love most. What do you spend your money on?


  6. Idols often become our refuge, and what we turn to for help and hope. What do you trust in to make your life better?


  7. How are you doing in these areas? How can we honestly evaluate where we’re at in developing these virtues?

Note to LifeGroup Leaders and Participants

As you know TRF held worship services the weekend of March 14th and 15th but due to the Corona virus, strongly recommended that people, especially the elderly, stay home and watch the live stream on Youtube or our web page. We will be making decisions about future services week by week and will do our best to keep you appraised of what’s going on. LifeGroups are an important part of our lives. But we all have the responsibility of helping mitigate this virus, to protect the flock, and to keep our LifeGroups safe. Some will choose to suspend their LifeGroup for a season. Some will continue to meet. Regardless, I will continue to provide discussion questions each week. And whether you meet or not I would encourage to go thru the discussion questions on your own. 


And finally, please pray for our church and the Rogue Valley in this time of uncertainty.


Thanks and God Bless you

Pastor Steve Hopkins