1 Thessalonians 3:10-13


We live in a very tumultuous time right now. Many are gripped with fear and/or anger. The antidote to fear is faith and the cure for anger is love.  Our focus needs to remain upon a sovereign God who is in control. That will determine how the followers of Christ will navigate this uncertain time. 


We will focus on three areas that are most effected in tumultuous times: Love, the Church and government 

Discussion Questions

1) What stood out or challenged you from this weekends’ message?

 2) Read John 4:7-30. Bill said, “Jesus didn’t treat people as groups (black or white—conservative or Liberal) but as individuals. Because of that He was able to respond in grace and love. Comment on that statement. How does that statement challenge you or change your perspective towards people you disagree with?

 3) Read Matthew 22:24-40.We can tend to think of “love” as a word on a Hallmark card. What do you think was Jesus’ understanding of love and how did he apply it in his ministry? How can we follow his example?

 4) Bill said “we tend to think of church as a building and not a body but as something we go to on weekends. Read Acts 2:42. Is that an accurate description of the first church? As you think of TRF, do you experience the unity described in these passages. Why or why not? What is missing from you or from the church?

 5) Read Romans 13:1-2; 1 Peter 2:13-14; and Matthew 6:33.

Comment on Bill’s statement, “Christians are more invested in government than the kingdom of heaven. When the government goes upside down so does their world”
*What’s required for us to take seriously Jesus’ instruction not to worry about the necessities of life?

*When we worry, what are we saying about our view of God and our relationship with Him?