1 Thessalonians 4:3-12


Continuing his study of the meaning of Sanctification (becoming the person God designed us to be) Bill talked about the Purpose, the Process, and Product of Sanctification. 



A significant amount of time was spent explaining the process of Sanctification. There are 7 stages of “becoming”
1) Believing
2) Learning
3) Serving
4) Following
5) Rediscovering
6) Surrendering
7) Loving
We’ll spend our time discussions these 7 stages

Discussion Questions


1) What from the weekend message impacted you?
2) What is the purpose of our Sanctification?
3) In your own words explain the characteristics of each of the 7 stages of maturing
4) Bill talked about “the wall” we inevitably come to at the Rediscovery Stage. Bill said we either dismantle the wall and move forward, or settle for believing, learning, serving and following or, we leave the faith entirely. What is the wall and why is it significant to our “becoming”
Have you ever hit “the wall”?
What was it like and how did you respond?
5) Where are you in the Sanctification process?
6) Where ever you are in the process, What needs to take place to move on?