1 Thessalonians 4:3-8


Marriage from a Christian world view.


This week’s discussion will be on the Christians world view of the marriage relationship and qualities that are important in a husband or wife.  

Discussion Questions


1) What stood out to you or challenged you in he weekend sermon?
2) If you had to define “marriage,” what words would you use? What makes marriage unique and different from any other human relationship?
3) Read Ephesians 5:22-28. How does Paul’s teaching about the relationship between Christ and the church shape the way that husbands and wives are to relate?
Wives, what is your first reaction to the word “submit”? What do you think is the meaning of the word?
Husbands, what does it mean to Love your wife as Christ loved the church? How is a man to nourish & cherish his own body, and how does this enable him to love his wife in the same way?
Are Paul’s instructions to husbands and wives interchangeable? Why or why not?
Which is easier for you to do: to sacrifice yourself or to submit yourself?
4) Comment on this statement “Marriage is not designed for your happiness; it’s designed for your holiness.”
5) How often do you sit down as a couple simply to talk to one another? Pray with each other? Do you set time aside specifically for this purpose? Why or why not?
Take a few moments to pray “for” each other.