1 Thessalonians 5:16-18


Paul gives three difficult commandments. That we rejoice always, Pray continually and give thanks in all things. This is God’s will for his followers.


We’ll discuss how we can cultivate an attitude of joy, prayer and thankfulness.

Discussion Questions

1) Did anything in the weekend sermon stand out to you?

2) Which of the three commands are the most challenging for you?

3) How can you prayerfully go thru your day, your work,

4) Why is thankfulness an important part of the Christian life? What ways do you give thanks on a regular basis in your life?

5) What keeps you from thanksgiving? How often during the day do you find yourself grumbling and complaining? How can you foster a thankful heart and an appreciation for God’s work in your life today?

6) What are some truths about God that give you eternal reasons for rejoicing? How would setting your mind on those spiritual blessings increase your joy today?