LifeGroup Discussion – April 7



Mark 5:20ff


A woman with an issue of blood was healed of her condition when she touched the hem of his garment. Jesus teaches her that the healing was a result of her faith, not magic, or as she may have believed, superstitiously touching a holy object.


What We learned

Faith is an essential aspect of Christianity. God is the author and finisher of faith. We come to him with what little faith we have—as imperfect as it may be, and God responds positively and builds from there.


Discussion Questions

    1. What things did the lady in our story have going against her?

    2. Do you think she was superstitious about touching Jesus’ clothes? How would you assess the quality of her faith?

    3. Why did Jesus stop? Do you think there was an actual transfer or flow of power?

    4. Why do you think Jesus caused her the embarrassment of having to tell her story openly; For His sake or for her sake? Explain.

    5. Few people have had the gumption and nerve to push their way to Jesus the way this woman did. Why is this so? Why do many fail to receive answers to their prayers?

    6. How does this passage help you deal with issues like sickness and death in your own life, or in the lives of others? In other words, what can we learn from this passage that helps us handle the realities of sickness and death in this life?