John 15:1-17


Jesus walks with His disciples as He teaches them the importance of staying connected to Him. He explains to them that they will not be able to do any of the work for the kingdom’s sake without abiding in His Spirit. There will be seasons of pruning and cleaning, but they are necessary for more fruit to come in their lives.


Jesus is the the true vine. Abide in Him and you’ll Abound through Him.


To understand

What does it mean to abide in Christ

Why abide in Christ

How do we abide in Christ

Discussion Questions

  1. What was your take away from Bill’s teaching from John 15? 
    What confused you? 
    What opened your eyes?

  2. In verse 4, Jesus says: “neither can you bear fruit unless you abide (remain) in me.” 
    What does Jesus mean by remaining in Him? 
    How does someone accomplish that? 
    How do you know if you are abiding in Christ? 
    Are there specific spiritual practices that help you with this?

  3. A clear theme of this passage is the concept of bearing fruit. 
    What do you think Jesus mean by ‘bearing fruit’?

  4. What does Jesus mean when he says abide in me so your joy may be full. 
    What adjectives would your friend use to describe you?

  5. What are your primary obstacles to abiding in God through the day as a branch is connected to a vine?

  6. In this metaphor God the Father is the vinedresser. 
    Why does he prune the branches? 
    Have you ever undergone the pruning process so that you can produce more fruit? 
    Was that process painful? 
    Was the result worth undergoing the pruning process?

  7. Respond to this statement: “Pruning is painful and we avoid it—unless your goal is to bring glory to him and produce fruit for Him.”

  8. What is one specific thing that God is speaking to you through this study? 
    How will that shape your life in the coming months?

Close in prayer