Luke 7:36-50


Simon the Pharisee and the forgiven woman illustrate two different reactions to Jesus. Simon sees Jesus as a merely another teacher not even worthy of common courtesy. The woman on the other hand has a radical reaction to Jesus. She reacts with great sacrifice (pouring out the expensive perfume), and undignified affection (wiping his feet with her hair). The woman’s reaction flows out of her profound recognition of Jesus forgiveness of her great debt. Simon’s reaction comes from the fact that he does not believe he needs much forgiveness (i.e. he believes his debt is small). One of the greatest inhibitors to being transformed by God is the lack of recognition of your own sinfulness.

What we Learned

All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God

Big Idea

Jesus loves to forgive sin and forgiven sinners love Jesus

Discussion questions

1) What struck you the most from this sermon?

2) Which was Simon the most blind to: his own heart, the heart of the woman, or the heart of Jesus?

3) Which are you most blind to: your own heart? The heart of others? The heart of Jesus?

4) Read verses  40-43. What is the point of the story? What is the significance of the creditor’s canceling the debts?

5) Where is your heart in relation to Jesus? Is it more like Simon or more like the sinful woman?

6)  Are their people in your immediate sphere of influence with whom you need to change your attitude when you consider this story and your place in it?