John 20:6-7 | John 20:15-16 | John 20:27-29


Bill focused on the intimacy of the resurrection seen in Jesus’ interaction between Peter, Mary and Thomas. 


This week’s discussion will focus on the three observations:
*(You can) Come to Jesus with your confusion and discover His answers (Peter)
*(You can) Come to Jesus with your sadness and discover His joy (Mary)
*(You can) Come to Jesus with you doubts and discover His joy (Thomas)

Discussion Questions


What are your thoughts and experience with the events that took place during Holy Week?

Did anything really “hit” you at the weekend Sermon?

Of the three principle characters mentioned in Bill’s message (Peter, Mary and Thomas) which one do you relate to the most? Why?

Came to the empty tomb, saw the linen clothes and tried to figure what happened. He went in and analyzed the situation. Have you ever grappled with your faith? How did you navigate it?

The message of Mary was Jesus in your sadness Jesus in the midst of it. How does that apply to you and your life?

Upon recognizing Jesus, how did the Mary respond and share her joy? How do you express your joy? How share the joy of knowing Jesus?

Thomas bears the moniker “Doubting Thomas”. But even in his doubts he called Jesus “his Lord and God” (personally). From him we learn you’ll never understand all of Jesus. But we don’t need to know all of Him to worship Him. Bill admonished us to worship the Jesus you are getting to know. Comment on that statement. Does that create a challenge for you?