Luke 2:1-12


Judas betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. His fall into sin was not sudden; he didn’t wake up and say “I think I’ll betray Jesus today” His fall from grace was a gently slide one step at a time.

What we learned

1)  Sin never delivers on it’s promises

2)  There is a difference between a lapse of faith and a conscious decision to reject Jesus.

3) In order to betray Jesus, Judas had to climb over every obstacle Jesus put in his path

4) Never underestimate the power of sin

5) It’s  not enough to be a Follower of Christ. You must make a commitment

6) In Judas we see the importance of confessing our sins

7) God is in the business of turning tables

Objectives of LifeGroup Discussion

– To look at the life of Judas Iscariot and learn as much as we can about his life

– To learn some lessons from his betrayal and hypocrisy

Discussion Questions

What stood out to you in this weekend’s sermon on Judas?

When you think of Judas, what is the image that first comes to mind?

What parts of Judas Iscariot’s story make what he did so bad?

What types of things do you think we can learn from his life?

Respond to this statement: “Before we condemn Judas as a traitor, we might want to take a closer look at our selves because we’ve sold him out for far less than that.”

How does Judas remind us about ourselves?

Was Judas doomed to failure? Why or why not? What do we learn about personal responsibility from this?