1 Peter 3:20-22

What we learned

Peter proclaims clearly that baptism saves us. Not by literally washing one’s sins away, (for grace we are saved) but as Peter says, through “a good conscience, through the resurrection of Jesus Christ”. The Ark is a picture or type of Christ. The same water that judged sin raised the ark and saved the occupants. This salvation is made available because of Jesus Death and Resurrection of Christ. Those who are baptized are putting their faith in Jesus as they enter the water believing that God is working on them with the result being their salvation. In addition they are saying yes to the terms of their salvation:To serve, dying to self, and keeping the promises of God


Bill focused on 4 aspects of 1 Peter 3:20-22:


The Ark



Discussion questions

What stood out to you from the weekend sermon?

Comment on this statement: “If Noah can live righteously in the midst of a corrupt culture so can we”.

What are the similarities between the ark/flood and baptism?

How is the ark a picture of Christ? What are some of the images a type of Christ?

  • Ark
  • Gopher wood
  • Rooms
  • Pitch
  • A window at the top of the Ark
  • One Door
  • “Come into the Ark
  • Closed Door
  • Can you think of any more?

Comment on this statement: Baptism, among other things is a pledge or a contract where we say “God, I accept the terms of serving, dying to self keeping the promises, and the responsibilities of being a follower of Christ.

Bill talked a lot about dying to self. He also said if your faith (christianity) is not working it may be because you have not died to self. What does that mean in your life personally?