The purpose of the ministry is to provide personal connections

and meaningful relationships for those age 50 or more.


The goal of this ministry is that through various activities – involving interests of all kinds – we can develop meaningful friendships, relationships, and ultimately function more like the Body of Christ at Table Rock Fellowship. We desire to encourage and come alongside one another to share the good times, and the difficult times in life as well. We feature activites (from mild to wild): events, gatherings, bible studies and more! Through intentional interactions like these, we will draw closer to each other and to the Lord.

upcoming events  with flipside of 50 

MAY 21, 2021

You’re invited to join the FlipSide gang for a very special night of a FREE Abby’s pizza buffet, salad, drinks and movie popcorn included! And, Yes, you can bring your movie candy without guilt.

Join us in the Kid’s Auditorium as we show episodes of “The Chosen”. Space is limited so please click the image to reserve your spot.

You are invited to grow closer to one another, and the Lord. Hope to see you there!