In Colossians chapter three, Paul explains how believers ought to live as a family. Based on the Resurrection, the priority for any Christian should be to live for Christ (vv. 1–4). As a result, Paul proclaims that believers put to death their sinful nature and put on the new self that comes from Christ so they can live in unity with one another. He describes this new Christian life within the context of living as a family.

He begins by defining a list of actions we should “put to death” (v. 5). The verb used for to “put to death” is very strong and suggests that believers are to not simply set aside these actions, but exterminate and destroy sin altogether. The first four sins on Paul’s death list deal with sexual sins displaying their destructive significance (v. 5). The next long list of sins Paul identifies concerns a believer’s speech (vv. 8, 9). Then Paul transitions by admonishing Christians to “put on the new self,” which is in the image of God (v. 10).

The “new self” is the one we have always been wanting to put on but have been distracted. The enemy’s lies have taken their place time after time. But when we are finally able to confess to one another our sin, we have the power and energy to discard it once and for all. We are part of a new family with a new future because we bear a new image, that of our Creator (v. 11).

What sins do you need to “put to death”? Confess them to the Lord today. Then, perhaps you can confide in someone within your church family so they can help you put it to death once and for all.