James 1:2-4


There are several perspective changes essential to persevering through trials. These perspectives are not just “positive thinking” but an accurate appraisal of our circumstances in light of one unalterable fact: God, our Father, loves us, shepherds us, is sovereign over our circumstances and from Him flow “every good and perfect gift”(James 1:17-18).


In trials, we’re inclined to become frustrated with our circumstances and believe that God is either against us or disinterested. But because of the gracious and unchanging character of God, believers can take a radically different approach to trials. We’ll talk about joy in trials this week.

Discussion Questions


1) What stood out to you in this weekend’s message?
2) What is the natural reaction to trials?
3) How are believers supposed to react? Why are we to react like this?
4) What is the purpose of trials? How do they test our faith?
5) How do they produce endurance?
6) How does endurance bring us to maturity and make us complete?
7) Are we supposed to deny our feelings when we “consider it all joy” in time of trial? How does this work in practice
8) Share an example of a trial you have faced. What did you learn from it?