Romans 7& 8:5-11

What we learned

Though believers wrestle with their sin nature, they need not be dominated by it. Our fallen human nature is inherently rebellious against God. We inherited this nature from Adam and, unfortunately, it was not eradicated when we became Christians. But we are no longer forced to follow its dictates. As Romans 8, points out, we now have the Spirit within us who is strong enough to keep the flesh from getting the upper hand.


Romans 7 should touch us deeply. Who hasn’t wrestled with sinful and destructive impulses? The truths taught here are the depressing and hopeless realities of our lives. But Paul doesn’t dwell on the weakness of our flesh to discourage us. No! He exposes the weakness of our flesh as the root problem that prevents believers from living the kind of lives God requires and which Christians, desire in their innermost being. Those willing to honestly identify with the agony of Romans 7 will be ready for the ecstasy of God’s gracious provision for living righteously in Romans 8. Romans 7 takes the Christian to an all time low. But Romans 8 takes them to a refreshing high.


Because we have died with Christ, we can walk according the Spirit of God within us and not our sinful nature.

Discussion Questions

1) What stands out from Sunday’s message? (Questions, Observations)? Does anyone have any questions about Bobby’s lesson

2) Discuss the struggle between living a spiritual life and the constant temptation of sinful desires.

3) In chapter 7 Paul is very honest with the struggle with the sin nature. Why is it liberating to be able to be honest about your wretchedness, and certain about your forgiveness?

4) What does it mean to walk “according to” the Spirit. How do the following verses help us to understand how to relate to or “walk in accordance with” the Spirit?  Eph 4:30; 1 Thes 5:19; 1 Cor 3:16

5) Read Romans 8:5-6 and Colossians 3:12. What are the ways a believer can set his mind on things above? Which of these strategies works best for you? Can you think of others?

6) What are some “misdeeds of the body” that have been plaguing your life? How can you begin to put those to death?

7) How can we tell if our mind is governed by the flesh or governed by the Spirit?

8) Read Romans 8:1. What do you do if you “blow it”or fail to walk in the Spirit?