1 Peter 3:15


All Christians know non-Christians. Whether with co-workers, spouses, parents, or acquaintances, a critical question faces us daily: How do I give a defense for my faith? Bill explains that every Christian has a reason for the hope that is in them, and points to three things to consider when sharing with an unbeliever:

Mandate—Sanctify the Lord in your heart

We should set aside our hearts as the place where Christ is fully honored as the Lord

Moment—Give a reason for the hope that we have

Hopefulness and joy are starkly different from the normal human response to suffering. So much so that people will be eager to understand it. What will we say when they ask?

Medium—Share with humility and respect

Christians are not called on to condemn those who are curious about our hopefulness. Nor are we to be vindictive, vengeful, or insulting to those who disagree. Rather, we should explain our faith without harshness or dismissiveness.

What we learned

In this verse, Peter reveals how believers can share their faith in a non threatening way.

Discussion Questions

Read the passage again. What stood out to you most about Bill’s message of evangelism?

What does it mean to set aside (sanctify) Christ in your heart? How important is that to sharing the gospel? (Note: When we set apart Christ as Lord, it will change us. And those who observe us will notice the difference)

Why would someone ask a Christian about their lifestyle?  If someone asked you why you had hope in life, how would you answer them?

How can you live your life this week in a way that causes people to ask why you are filled with hope?

Finally, Peter says matters how we make that case for Christ. We must present it with gentleness and respect.What can you do to better prepare yourself for when someone asks you about your hope?