John 1:1-51



VV 1-18-Incarnation of the Word

Vv 9-34-Introduction of John the Baptist

VV 35-51-Invitation by the Disciples


I) Incarnation of the Word

1) What was the biggest takeaways from this weekend’s sermon on John 1?


2) Why do you think John chose to call Jesus “the Word?” What did he want us to know by that?


3) According to verses 1:14-18, God became a man, and that man was Jesus. Why do you think God decided to become a man? Why is it a big deal that God decided to do this?


4) John describes Jesus as full of grace. In vs 16 John says we have all received “grace upon grace”  What is grace?


5) Bill says we “minimize grace and exploit works.” What is your response to that statement. Have you ever done that? How?


II) The Introduction of John the Baptist

6) What would the average Israelite think about when John called Jesus the “Lamb of God”? Was John being intentional about the life and purpose of Jesus by calling him the “Lamb of God ? What does the title “Lamb of God” tells us about Jesus? What does that tell us about ourselves? How does it reveal our deepest need?


III) The Invitation of the Disciples

7) Simon’s life changed when he met Jesus. He even got a new name. Whats the significance of that? How is your life different because of knowing Jesus


8) Bill said, “To the degree that you know him is the degree to which you want him to be known.” Respond to that statement. How alive is he in you? When was the last time you said “Come and see Jesus”


9) When a person chooses to follow Jesus, he doesn’t remain stationary. There is movement toward growth and maturity. Bill said some Christians are still at the place they were at 20 years ago when they first came to Christ. Is that true of you? Why or Why not?