John 10



Chap 10 follows on the heels of chap 9 where the man born blind was treated so badly by these same Pharisees Jesus is now speaking to. These Pharisees should have been this man’s good, earthly shepherds and yet they were just the opposite. Jesus uses a metaphor of sheep and the good shepherd to explain his role in the world.


Discussion Questions

  1. Who does Jesus say he is in verse 11?
    How is God described in the Old Testament?
    Read Psalm 23:1- 3; Psalm 80:1; Isaiah 40:11
    What is Jesus saying about himself when he makes this statement?
  2. If you were to rate animals on their level of intelligence (1 = lowest level of intelligence and 10 the highest level of intelligence), where would you rate sheep?
    What does that say about Jesus’ love toward us?
  3. Why is it significant that Jesus is both the gate and the shepherd?
  4. In vv.11-18 He explains what it means that he is the “good shepherd.” What does it mean that Jesus is the “good shepherd”?
  5. If in this passage the Jewish religious authorities are the “robbers,” what are they stealing?
    What does the Good Shepherd bring that they cannot or will not offer?
  6. What is the importance that the shepherd knows the sheep by name?
  7. Why is it important for the sheep to know the voice of the shepherd?
    What can happen when the sheep do not recognize the voice of the shepherd?
  8. Can you think of some examples of “strange voices” that are calling you away from following the “good shepherd” in your life?