John 11


Jesus hears that his friend Lazarus is sick and dying. Rather than respond immediately he delays four days. He knew he was going to raise Lazarus from the dead, yet, He still allowed those he loved to experience the pain and difficulty of death in order to achieve the higher purpose of building faith and glorifying God.


In times of pain and difficulty, know that God is with you in the midst of the trial and that he can use your pain and struggle to build your faith and bring glory to himself.

Discussion Questions

What stood out to you from this weekend’s sermon?

Read John 11:4. How long did Jesus linger after learning that Lazarus was ill? Does this make sense? Why did Jesus choose not to go immediately to see Lazarus?

What can you gather about Jesus’ relationship with Mary, Martha & Lazarus from this passage? (v. 3, 6, 21-2, 35). How do you think they felt when Jesus waited two days to see Lazarus?

What does Jesus tell Martha about himself in verses 25-26? Why is this a significant statement about who Jesus is?

What does the fact that Jesus wept say about him?

How does belief in Jesus change your perspective on life and death? What kind of hope do you have because of your belief in Jesus as the Son of God?

When the stone is rolled away, Lazarus walks out alive. What did Jesus tell those standing by to do? What is that significant?

Jesus claim and promise here are not just for Martha, but for all people at all times. Comparing your spiritual life to the story of Lazarus, where are you right now – Still in the grave? Watching the stone being rolled away? Alive but still in the grave clothes? Alive and unwrapped?