John 13:34-35


As followers of Christ, We do not live our lives in a vacuum. We receive and share God’s love because Jesus first loved us.


Loving your neighbor is the work of a follower of Christ. This week we’ll talk about the command to love like Jesus loved. 

Discussion Questions


1) What stood out to you from Kellan’s message?

2) Read Leviticus 19:18. What command does Jesus give his disciples? Is this really a new command? What does Jesus add to this command that makes it new? What does Jesus say that qualifies or defines the type of love he is commanding his disciples to have?

3) What do these verses tell you about how Jesus expects us to love?

4) Read Romans 5:7-8. What kind of love does Jesus have for people? How did he demonstrate his love? How can we possibly love like that? What difference would it make if we did? What difference would it make if we didn’t?

5) Are there people in your immediate family or the church that you are having trouble loving? If so, what are the remedies?

6) If you were to make a commitment to truly love that individual, how would that change your relationship with them? How would that change your attitude towards them?