John 15:18-16:15


Since the world hated Jesus, we can be assured that the world will hate those who choose to live like him and share the message of who he is and what he has done. Jesus tells his disciples that opposition is inevitable and may be terrible. But while there will be suffering, persecution and opposition Jesus tells them they have help to endure the opposition. The promised Holy Spirit will come and strengthen them as they face the hatred of the this world.


Jesus prepares his disciples for his departure from earth back to the Father by warning them of persecution to come. He forewarns them because he believes that forewarning is to forearm one’s self. So the discussion will focus around three topics that are important

  • Suffering
  • The Spirit (the Helper)
  • And Supplication (prayer)

Discussion Questions

  1. What stood out to you from Bill’s message from John 16? How important are these three topics for us today? 
  2. In 16:1 Jesus declares that he has “said these things to you to keep you from stumbling.” He then cites the growing intensity of opposition to Jesus and the kind of harassment or peril to which his followers will be subjected. Why do you think he does that? 
  3. Bill said we live in two worlds.The physical and the spiritual and that the spiritual is as real, if not more real than the physical. He describes Jesus as the portal (the door) into the spiritual. Why do you think people are reluctant to embrace the spiritual realm which Jesus describes as full of joy? 
  4. Read John 16:8-11.What does Jesus tell his disciples about the job that the Holy Spirit will do in the world?
    1. How does the Holy Spirit convict the world of sin?
    2. How does the Holy Spirit convict the world concerning righteousness?
    3. How does the Holy Spirit convict the world concerning judgment? 
  5. In vs 7 Jesus describes the Holy Spirit as the Helper. How has the indwelling of the Holy Spirit been an advantage in your life? Has he given you strength and guidance in times of trial? Has he given you comfort in times of grief and loss? Explain. 
  6. Bill described Prayer as a walkie-talkie in war and not an intercom where God is our butler answering our every beck and call. Bill describes prayer Christians in a war calling for help and reinforcements. Has that statement changed your perspective on prayer? How? 
  7. Bill says that the purpose of our life as believers is not to live comfortably but to live for the glory of God. How can we do that? 
  8. Bill said, happiness is knowing that bad is turning out for good, and knowing our adversary the devil, is judged and defeated, (Genesis 3 and Revelation 20). How is this knowledge helpful to us? In light of that, how should we as followers of Christ live?