John 17:1-5


As Jesus is about to be arrested, betrayed and crucified, He prays for himself, his disciples and for those who will come to Christ as a result of their ministry. As Jesus prays for himself, He prays “Glorify your Son that the Son may glorify you.” For Jesus, the ultimate goal of his life and death is to bring glory to God. May we too understand that the purpose of our life — our vocation — is that God be glorified in us and through us.



What it means to glorify God and the importance and priority of giving God glory in our own lives.


Discussion Questions

  • What stood out to you from the weekend message?


  • Read vs 1. Jesus said his main ambition was that God be glorified. What does the word “Glory” or “Glorify” mean and how does Jesus’ work on on Earth and on the cross glorify God?


  • Martin Luther said the main problem in life is that we’ve separated the secular from the sacred. What does he mean and how would life be different if  (what we do) as sacred?


  • Is glorifying God your “vocation”? What does it look like in your day? Your occupation? When you experience suffering?


  • Bill said it was through Jesus’ act of obedience that God was glorified. Do you agree with that statement? Why or why not?


  • The Westminster Shorter Catechism says “The chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy him for ever.” John Piper says we “glorify God BY enjoying him forever”. Do you agree with that statement?  Do you enjoy him? When was the last time you felt his pleasure?