John 19


John wants his readers to know that Jesus died for our sins but his death on the cross was a torturous death. The cross was primarily an instrument of torture rather than an efficient means of execution. While we love the scene of the babe of Bethlehem in a manger, We must never minimize the horror and humiliation of the cross. He came not to be served but to serve and give his life a ransom for many


If you ever want to see God’s love for you, look no further than the suffering that Jesus went through so that you could be saved. We see the wounds of Jesus, and as Christians we understand that those are our wounds. We are healed by his stripes and through his blood that was spilled as he suffered and died for us. Today, the world may see a defeated Jesus, who is still mocked and ridiculed. But Christians see a glorious Lord and Savior who loves us

Discussion Questions

  1. What stood out to you from this week’s message from John 19?


  2. Why is it important to understand the torture and humiliation Jesus experienced on the cross?


  3. What is the significance of these three statements of Jesus spoken from the cross?


    “Woman here is your son, son your mother”
    “I Thirst”
    “It is Finished”


  4. Why is it important we understand the words, “It is Finished!”?


  5. How do you as followers of Christ obey his teachings without falling into the place of striving or legalism?



John records the crucifixion so we might know that Jesus really did suffer; he really did die; and he really did rise again. As you go about your life this week, remember that Jesus bore the cross for you so that you could have life and be a part of his eternal kingdom. May the cross be central to everything that you are and do this week!