John 20:1-18


Mary Magdalene was no stranger to turmoil and pain. Jesus had delivered her from 7 demons. Her demons represent the weight of her despair and oppression. After Jesus transformed Mary’s life, she became one of Jesus’ most faithful followers. The best description of Jesus and Mary’s relationship is seen at His resurrection appearance to her. Of all the people Christ could have revealed Himself to after His resurrection, He chose Mary Magdalene. Despite her broken past,  He knew her heart and because of that He entrusted her with the good news of the gospel to reveal to the world.

Discussion Questions

  1. What stood out to you from this weekend’s sermon?


  2. How has the truth of the resurrection impacted you personally?


  3. John said Mary failed to recognize Jesus because of her tears, wrong focus and that she didn’t expect to see him. How are we like Mary?


  4. What was the cultural significance of Christ being revealed first to a woman?
    What does it say about God’s value and purposes for women?


  5. Mary would have spent a lot of time in Jesus’ presence.
    What would have been some of the things she may have witnessed that would help her to understand the heart of God?
    How can we grow in our understanding of the heart of God?


  6. Mary takes the message of the resurrection to disciples. Imagine Mary coming to your LifeGroup and telling you the good news of Jesus’ resurrection.
    How would you respond? 
    What questions would you ask?
    What action would it prompt you to take?


Like Mary Magdalene, we are given the privilege of  sharing the good news of what Christ has done in our lives to others, and to speak of His resurrection and power. May we draw near to God in a way that we too would recognize His voice, live a life of grateful service to Him, and proclaim the Good News of His resurrection.