John 21:15-25


Peter is restored to fellowship with Jesus and recommissioned into ministry


Failure is a part of our life, but God wants us to know that we do not have to be defined by our failure. God’s message to each of us is that because of Jesus, we can be restored to fellowship with Jesus and usefulness in God’s Kingdom. But if we claim to love Jesus, we must be willing to abandon everything and follow his command to take care of his church by loving and serving people.

Discussion Questions


  1. What ministered to you personally from this weekend’s message?



  2. Read John 21:15, 16, 17. Why do you think Jesus asked Peter “do you love me” three times?



  3. Why is the use of the Greek word “phileo” in Jesus’ last question important to Peter’s recommission into ministry? What does it suggest to us?



  4. Peter’s story lets us know that God uses broken people. Can remember a time when you completely failed Jesus. Why is it important to revisit that time and bring it before God to be restored? How can harboring past failures hinder future ministry?



  5. What do we think Jesus’ question to Peter, “do you love me more than these?” refers to? What difference does the answer make?




  6. What does Jesus tell Peter about the way he would die? What does that tell us about the cost of being a servant of Jesus and doing his work?




  7. Comment on the phrase Bill shared “our life is God’s story to write and our job to live rightly” What does that mean to you and what challenges does it pose?