John 6


In chapter 6, Jesus makes the first of 7 declarations unique to John’s gospel, “I am the bread of Life”. It represents a particular relationship of Jesus and the spiritual needs of humans. He desires that people should receive him, not simply for what he might give them, but for what he might be to them. In John 6 we see that Jesus did not come into the world mainly to give bread, but to be bread.

Discussion Questions

  1. What is the unseen spiritual reality with the sign of the bread?
  2. What is the significance of the 12 baskets being left over at the end?
  3. Read John 6:1-15
    What is the reaction of the crowd when they realize the miracle that has taken place when Jesus feeds them all?
    How do you imagine you would have reacted, given that no one yet understood fully who Jesus was?
  4. What is the faith lesson that Phillip and Andrew along with the other disciples learned that day?
    Is there a lesson for you to learn through the story of this miracle?
  5. After Jesus feeds the 5,000 with two small fish and five barley loaves, the crowd wants to make him their king.
    Later, after hearing his teaching, they want to abandon him.
    Why has the attitude of the crowd changed so dramatically?
  6. When you first decided to follow Jesus what were you expecting in return?
    How have your expectations changed since then?
  7. What things of this world are filling you up, leaving no room for the true Bread from heaven?
    What would your ‘diet’ look like for you to be adequately fed and nourished by Jesus?


Jesus is the Bread of life, the One in whom we are sustained and satisfied. And filled by the Bread of Life, we go out into the world, urging the hungry to turn to Christ for salvation.