John chapter 7


Jesus came to be a different kind of king than the people wanted or expected. He did not come to be a conquering general or political ruler, but a king who would give his life for the world (as prophesied in Isaiah 53). Jesus became our sacrifice so that we could receive forgiveness and have a relationship with God. The proper response to Jesus, is to follow Jesus for who he truly is, rather than what we may want him to be. Here in chapter 7 Jesus attends the Feast of Tabernacles where we see seven different opinions as to who Jesus is. So the focus of this week’s discussion is “Who is this man Jesus” and why it’s important to have the right understanding of Him.

Discussion Questions

  1. If someone were to approach you on the street and ask you, “Who is Jesus?” how would you respond?
    How would most people in America respond to that same question?
  2. What responsibility do Christians, who understand who Jesus is, have to help people understand who Jesus really is, and the gift of grace that he extends to all people?
  3. If someone tells you, “I believe that Jesus was a very good man, but I don’t believe He is God.” How would you reply?
    What evidence could you give to say Jesus wasn’t a liar?
    What evidence could you give that Jesus wasn’t a lunatic?
  4. Why would someone not be able to accept Jesus as Lord if they clearly believe He was neither a liar or lunatic?
  5. What does it mean to a non believer to accept Jesus as Lord? What does it mean to a believer?
  6. Comment on the 4 principles Bill taught on how to evangelize:
    • Vs 6 – Timing — Share in God’s timing not yours. Pray, “God Reveal your time Lord”
    • Vs 14 – Contact — You have to have contact with non believers
    • Vs 19 – Do it in the right way — Ask questions instead of making statements
    • Vs 37 – Content – Use the scriptures: Look for the part of a person’s life that needs quenching and show them how Jesus can satisfy it