John 9


Jesus calls himself “the light of the world”. In chapter 9, He demonstrates the truth of his claim by bringing light physically and spiritually to a man born blind.

Discussion Questions

  1. What stood out to you from this week’s sermon?
  2. What question did the disciples ask Jesus as they passed by the blind man?
    Why would they ask this question?
    (Hint: It was a common assumption at this time to think God punished sin by causing physical afflictions).
    What can blind you to the unfortunate situation of people?
  3. What does Jesus do when he sees this blind man?
    How is this an example of the way that Christ’s followers should respond to people in need?
  4. Jesus makes mud from spittle and places it upon the man’s eyes.
    Could Jesus have healed the man without the mud and washing?
    What do we learn from this?
  5. Read John 9:13-17.
    The Pharisees added rules for keeping the Sabbath.
    How did these rules influence their opinion about Jesus?
    What does this tell us about how religion (i.e., man-made rules) we can get things about Jesus wrong?
  6. Read John 9:24-25.
    When the blind man is brought back before the religious leaders for questioning, what did he know about Jesus?
    How much do you need to know about Jesus in order to tell someone about Him?
  7. Read John 9:18-23.
    Why are the healed man’s parents afraid?
    What does their response tell us about following Jesus?
    (Hint: Sometimes becoming a Christian can make things harder not easier.)
  8. How did the blind man’s view of Jesus change?
    What message does that send to us as we walk with new believers?