John 1:1-14



The focus of Victor’s message was on three things that can strengthen our faith Highlighted in bold)
The Word—Because he’s creator of everything whatever the challenge He’s Got this
The Witness—We all have a testimony and a responsibility to share it
The Response—He’s Got You
The Incarnate—He’s 100% man and 100% God so, He Get’s You


We’ll talk about these 3 principles and how they apply to us personally. 

Discussion questions

1) What stood out to you from Victor’s message on John 1?

2) He’s Got this
Victor said that because God created all things now matter how great the challenge may be, He is greater. Can you give testimony to that truth? Share your experience with the group.

3) He’s Got You
Victor shared a potential health crisis he and his wife faced. It brought comfort to know that God was in control of the situation but also Victor and his wife personally. Does the thought that He’s got you, personally, bring you comfort? Explain.

4) He Get’s You
As believers He knows our struggles, our doubts our weaknesses but doesn’t condemn us. Read Hebrew 4:15-16. Jesus’ ability to “sympathize with our weakness” is presented to us as a comfort in Hebrews. How does Jesus’ ability to identify with our weaknesses comfort you specifically? How do Jesus’ experiences recorded in the gospels enable him to relate to your own experiences?

5) Do you find it more difficult to think of Jesus as human, like you, than to think of Him as God? Explain.