Jonah 1:1-17


Given an assignment by God to preach to the Ninevites Jonah was an unwilling prophet and boarded a ship headed in the opposite direction of Assyria. His disobedience created a divinely appointed storm that placed the other member of the ship in danger. Jonah is thrown overboard and the tempest ceases. Jonah would have drowned but God sends a great fish that takes him to Nineveh. 


It’s better to obey God than to disobey Him.

Discussion questions

  1. What stood out to you from the sermon?


  2. Why Jonah not want to go to Nineveh


  3. What about Jonah’s story is difficult for people to hear? What about it is difficult for you?


  4. Why didn’t God stop Noah?


  5. Jonah tried to get away from God’s presence (verse 3). Is this possible ? Why not? Genesis 4:16, Job 1:12, Psalm 139:7 – 12.


  6. Steve said “When you’re running from God, Satan has his ships, ready and willing to take you where you want to go and He always has room for one more. What do you thit?


  7. Where do you see God’s outrageous grace in the story of Jonah?


  8. How are you Like Jonah?