On this first Sunday after after Easter Randy asked the question “why did the death and resurrection of Christ have to take place?” There are many reasons but one, is because of the compassionate, gracious and merciful nature of God.


We have a gracious and compassionate God, Who is loving and merciful, patient and kind. He is willing to extend His arms of love and forgiveness to all Who will trust in Jesus — He is not willing that any should be condemned but that all come to a saving knowledge of the Lord.This verse sums God’s gracious character. The compassionate nature of God is illustrated in the book of Jonah. That will be the focus of this weeks questions


  1. How did God challenge you through the study of Jonah?
  2. Who would you be if God simply left you to ourselves and stopped running after you?
  3. Why did Jonah run from God the first time he was told to go to Nineveh? What does Jonah believe about God? (Chapter 4:2). How doses this apply to why Jesus had to die to the cross?
  4. Who would you consider the modern day ‘Ninevites’? Do you long for God to show them grace and forgive them? What does your response to that question reveal about you?
  5. Like Jonah, we all want to receive God’s forgiveness, but we are not always willing to give forgiveness. Why do we struggle with giving forgiveness more than receiving forgiveness? What are some reasons (or excuses) we use for not forgiving?
  6. How can we develop a compassion that reflects the heart of God? Here are some ideas. Discuss what they mean and how we can apply them:
    • Develop a kingdom mindset —
      Look at people from an eternal perspective
    • Remember who you are — Romans 5:10
      We say, “They are the enemies of God!” Guess what? We are all the enemies of God!
    • Imitate the compassion of Christ — Luke 19:41–42


God tear out our hearts of stone and replace them with hearts of flesh that beat in love for the miserable and guilty.