Luke 10: 25-37


Jesus summarizes the entire Decalogue (the 10 commandments) in two sentences: Love the Lord with your whole heart soul and mind and to love your neighbor as yourself. This week Bill focused on Jesus’ words “Love your neighbor as yourself”. The point Jesus is making is there are no limits to our duty to love other people, even the most unlikely. The love of one’s neighbor must transcend all natural or human boundaries such as race, nationality, religion, and economic or educational status.

Some key points in the passage are:
* The essence of discipleship is to love God and to love other people.
* The “neighbor” whom we are to love is not limited to members of our own group.
* Jesus chooses a Samaritan, one of the group most hated by the Jews, as the model of neighbor love.
* The Samaritan’s love for his “enemy” is practical and costly.


The focus of this week’s discussion is on what it means to be a neighbor.

Discussion Questions

1) What’s stood out to your from this week’s sermon?

2) How would you describe the main point of the parable in your own words?

3) What does it mean to love God with all your heart? What about loving your neighbor as yourself?

3) Jesus’ parable about the Good Samaritan shows that the Lawyer was asking the wrong question. Rather than asking “Who is my neighbor?” (an attempt to limit his responsibility under the law). He should have been asking “How can I be a good neighbor?”In what ways have you or have we as a church been asking the wrong question? Are you trying to lessen our responsibility or are we open to loving and caring for everyone in our community?

4) Bill said there are 5 ways to look at people
vs 25 As a topic to be discussed
vs 29 As an object to exploit
Vs 31 As an inconvenience to avoid
Vs 35 As a customer to serve
Vs 33 As a person needing to be loved
Which of these best illustrates you? Explain.

5) How does God see each of us? Does loving your neighbor as yourself help explain how Jesus loved? Explain

6) Have someone read 1 Corinthians 13? How can you exhibit this kind of love to those around you?


Spend time as a group praying for the issues brought up by group members and encourage one another as you strive to show love to others in your life.