Luke 24:13-33


After the death of Jesus, two men walking to Emmaus had hoped that Jesus was the prophesied Messiah. With the crucifixion of Christ, those hopes were now gone. As the two men walked and talked, about the events that had taken place 3 days prior, The resurrected Jesus joins them and explains from the Old Testament the plan of God to restore fallen humanity. He ultimately reveals himself to them and their hope was awakened.


If our future is not secured and satisfied by God the result is either paralyzing fear or self-managed control. If we don’t have the hope that Christ is for us, we will be engaged in self-preservation and self-enhancement. But if we let ourselves be taken care of by God for the future, we will be free to love others and God’s glory will shine thru us. So the focus of the discussion is “Hope”; what it means, where it comes from, and how we can live in it.

Discussion Questions


1) What stood out to you from the weekend sermon?

2) What is your definition of Hope? Hopelessness?

3) Have you ever been disappointed with God? Did you think being Christian would make life easier? What has been your experience?
How were you able to put/or reinforce— your Hope in Him?

4) Where are you placing your hope other than in Jesus? Do you tend to rely on your own power and ability or think that finances can solve your problems? Explain.

5) Bobby said it’s important to articulate what is going on in your heart. Is it hard for you to tell others what you are feeling? Is it difficult for you to be that open and honest with God about what you are feeling? Why?

6) Bobby said a source of strength is the scriptures. What do you think he meant by that? Have you ever read the Bible and found it to be “Dry bones”? If so, How did you navigate that?

7) If you have endured a difficult trial, what would you tell someone just entering one?