1 Corinthians 13


This was part 7 in the series, on marriage. In this final message, Bill discussed 6 key principles in conflict resolution:
1) Invite Jesus into the conflict
2) look for the win win in the conflict
3) Improve your communication
4) Initiate it in the right time and place
5) Invite the help of others when needed
6) Insist on not giving up


Conflict is essential for the healthy functioning of a relationship. Happily married couples are more likely to resolve their differences than discouraged or unhappy couples. We’ll talk about these 6 key areas for  Conflict resolution. 

Discussion Questions

1) Share a principle or insight you learned from the weekend sermon that was helpful. If you’re not sure you understand something, pose a question to the group for discussion.


2) Which of these 6 principles is most difficult for you to do? Which is easiest? Why?


3) Listening is not the same as hearing. Why is listening so much more difficult than hearing?


4) Read 1 Cor 13:6 and Phil 2:3. Bill said the typical mindset in conflict is:

My way

Your way

No way—no way any one can win. So withdraw or ignore the problem

Half way—compromise. Neither gets what they want. So both  lose

Our way

But both can parties can win. Which of these 5 is most typical of you?

What can you do to get to “Our Way”?


5) What is one thing you have learned to do or say that seems to help your relationship?


6) What from Bill’s teaching could be put into practical application this week?


7) In this series on marriage and relationships, in ways were you challenged or encouraged? Were there any points/thoughts that you did not agree with?