1 Peter 4:8-11


In the midst of two sections where Peter talks to a suffering church, he pauses in verses 8-11 to talk about how the body of Christ is to function in times of suffering and trials

What we learned?

Peter is calling Christians to live very different lives than the world around them. 6 key words describe how believers should relate to each other— especially in times of trial and suffering:







Discussion Questions

This week the discussion will focus on the the first three words that describe how the church should operate in times of suffering and difficulty. Next week, the discussion will be around the last three.


1)  In verse 8, Peter commands his readers to love one another. How important is this command?

2)  Bill said that love is not a feeling but an action. Read 1 Corinthians 13:4-7. Unpack each of the descriptions of love and describe what each might look like in action?


3)  When you think of hospitality, what comes to your mind? Is hospitality the same as entertaining guests? What is the focus of hospitality?


4)  Each individual has been given a unique and special gift to be used in the body of Christ. Do you believe that every Christian has been gifted by God in order to serve others? If so, do you know what your specific gift is? Describe it.

5)  Why do you think Peter mentions love, hospitality, and our spiritual gift as important characteristics in a time of suffering or trial?

6)  Bill asked three questions: “Does God really want me to stretch out and love those around me? Does he really want me to open my heart and my home to others? And, do I really have a spiritual gift to be used in the body of Christ? What kind of church would TRF be if we actually did these three things?


Take time to pray and ask God to give you opportunity to grow in these three areas:

  1. Loving each other earnestly
  2. Showing hospitality
  3. Discovering and using your spiritual gifts