Matthew 16:13-20


In this passage, Jesus asks about people’s identity of Him. But the important question is not who other people say Jesus is, but who you say he is.


Jesus’ identity is important because it shapes how we think, how we live, and how we face a crisis. So the focus on this week’s discussion is “Who do YOU say Jesus is.”

Discussion Questions

1) Why does Jesus ask for their thoughts about His identity, instead of just telling them who He is?
2) Instead of only asking His disciples what they thought, why does Jesus first ask what others are saying?
3) What are some of the responses to who Jesus is today?
4) What does it mean that Jesus is “the Christ”?
5) If Jesus were to ask you, “Who do you say I am?”How would you respond? Why is it an important question? How does your answer shape your response to a crisis in your life?
6) Does knowing who Jesus is help you to know who you are? How?
7) What is your relationship with Jesus like?