Luke 19:28-44


Jesus rides into Jerusalem officially presenting himself to the Jews and the world as the true King. There were different responses to Jesus triumphal ride but most welcomed him with joy.  The Pharisees rebuked him for allowing the crowds to do this, but Jesus welcomed it. And then, as he saw The city of Jerusalem and the temple, he broke down weeping because they did not know that God was visiting them  in the person of Jesus. Nor did they really want the kind of peace Jesus came to give.


This week we’ll talk about the different responses to Jesus as he rode into Jerusalem on the back of a young donkey.

Discussion Questions


1) Read Luke 19:28-44. What is the significance of Palm Sunday? What spoke to you from the message? 
2) Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a young donkey Why. Do you think that is? 
3) In the crowd were different people or people groups. Each had a different reaction to Jesus. Describe the various reactions. What explanations can you give for the differences in reaction?
4) Name a few expectations that we have for Jesus as our King? Why was he later rejected? Can you think of a time when you expected God to work a certain way, and he worked differently?
5) A king is someone who has authority to rule and reign over a group of people. If Jesus is the King over your life, where do you see His increasing rule? Or, how could you see His increasing rule in your life?
6) What are you doing this week to prepare yourself to truly understand and appreciate the death and  resurrection of Christ?