Acts 13:1-2



In Acts 13 the missionary movement begins.


Carlos Calderon was guest speaker. He is the Vice President of “Partners International” whose vision is to “build the Church in the least reached places by partnering with indigenous ministries and connecting followers of Christ”. He said, “the revival people have been praying for, has already arrived but not necessarily in America”. He went on to speak about the effectiveness of missions and the mission of Partners International (which TRF supports). This week we’ll talk about TRF’s involvement in spreading the gospel to the entire world.

Discussion questions

1) What stood out to you from Carlos’ sermon?

2) What did you find challenging to you personally?

3) Has your perspective about the need for the gospel in the world changed? How?

4) Carlos said that Mission is the WHOLE church, taking to the WHOLE gospel, to the WHOLE world.
In your own words explain what this means.
In your own life, what might this mean?

5) How would you describe your personal mission in this world? How does it bring people into forgiveness and a new life in Christ?