Psalm 139


In Psalm 139, David takes the theology terms ‘omniscience’, omnipotence, and omnipresence off the top shelf and brings them down to a personal level. To David, these concepts are not theological or philosophical—but relational and personal. David saw having a right knowledge of God as essential to living a fulfilling life with purpose.


How we view God and our relationship determines our view of everything else around us. If we have an incorrect view of God, we will have an incorrect view of who we are,  our relationship with Him, and our relationship with others.

Discussion Questions

1) What did you learn from pastor Bobby’s message from Psalm 139?


2) In your own words, define these three terms— omniscience, omnipotence and omnipresence? 


3) Why is it important to understand god’s omniscience

4) How does David feel about God’s total knowledge of him? 139:6


5) How do you feel about God’s total knowledge of you? Why?


6) Even though we cannot “get away” from God, what do you do to sometimes hold Him at a distance?


7) Since David has already acknowledged that God knows everything about him, what is his purpose in asking God to search him and know his heart? Why does God need to search our hearts instead of us searching our own hearts?