Psalm 32


Psalm 32 is a “Maskil” or, a Psalm of instruction. In this case, its a teaching about how one is brought to a clear sense of their sin, thru acknowledgement of it, and receiving the pardoning power of God’s grace.


When we confess, God forgives. Confession and forgiveness are a part of God’s grace working in us. This week we will talk about the power of confession and the blessing of forgiveness. 

Discussion Questions


1) What stood out to you from pastor Bobby’s message from Psalm 32?
2) Has there been a time in your life when you felt the depth of your sin against God and knew you needed God’s forgiveness?  Describe what that time in your life was like? Did you confess it to the Lord? If not, why? 
3) How would you define “repentance? How would you define the word ‘blessed’?
4) Read Vss 1-2. How many different words does David use for sin? Why does he use these words? What are the results of sin? 
5) What would it mean to be the person “in whose spirit is no deceit”?
6) How does God respond to David’s confession?  How does David respond to God’s forgiveness?
7) Read Psalm 51. To what attributes of God does David stake his request for forgiveness? How had David experienced these characteristics of God before?
8)  What would it look like to cultivate more honesty with yourself and with God about your sin (live with no deceit) and simultaneously cultivate an awareness (an understanding) of God’s love and forgiveness for you through Christ