Psalm 5


Crises are a part of life. Some are global – tsunamis, earthquakes, or fires. Others are local – cancer, divorce, bankruptcy, or the death of a loved one. But here’s the question: “Is it possible to experience God in the midst of that kind of catastrophe?” In part 2 of a message from Psalm 5 entitled “Surviving a Crisis of faith, Pastor Bob Bonner explores the character of God and how it gives hope when we experience a crisis of faith 

Discussion Questions

1) What stood out to you from this week’s message “How to Survive a Crisis of Faith”
2) Share a time in your life when you were in the deepest despair. During that time, what gave you the greatest hope or strength to get through it?
3) How does the truth that God is everlasting, holy (always does what is right), sovereign (always in control) and faithful (always doing good for His people)
shape the way you view a trial?
4) What are some of the common images of God? How can you more fully conform your concept of God to the truth of who God really is?
5) Why do you suppose Satan’s first line of attack in a crisis is to cast doubt on God’s character?
6) Read Genesis 1:31, Psalm, 119:68 and Romans 12:2. How does God’s character affect what God does?
7) How would your life be different if you truly trusted in the character and nature or God