Psalm 88


The TRF pastoral team shared hopeful thoughts from the Psalms regarding the fires. Bill shared from Psalm 88. How has this fire and the devastation affected you?


One Old Testament theologian describes this Psalm as a “difficult conversation”
with God. We’ll talk about how this Psalm lines up or not lines up with your thinking about prayer.

Discussion Questions


1. What points from the service  were helpful to you?
2. Read Psalm 88.  What are some reasons that God put passages like Psalm 88 in the Bible?
3. Have you ever felt like the writer of Psalm 88 (lonely, betrayed, chronic pain, helpless, feeling like God has placed you in a pit and forgotten about you?) What helped you through those moments?
4.How does this psalm of lament free us to be real with God, and to have a “difficult
conversation” with him when we find ourselves in the midst of terrible, horrible, no good, very bad seasons of life?
5. Pray: Take time to share some struggles and disappointments that are in your life now. They may be more long-term and in the backdrop of your life, but they still weigh on you or, they maybe  the central focus of your life. Bring some of these before your group and pray for each other. Also, thank God that he has cared for his people in these moments in past generations, and that we have some of their accounts to know that he has proven faithful.