Psalm 91


There is Rest or Peace in the midst of dangerous times


The events of this pandemic have forced people to confront their deepest fears. Today we’ll ask where do you go when you need a safe place?

Discussion Questions

  1. Read Psalm 91. What stands out to you from Bobby’s message or this Psalm? If you were to title this Psalm, what title would you give it?


  2. Two key words in this Psalm are rest and peace. Where do you look for peace in challenging times?


  3. What is the significance of the words dwell and rest? What do these words suggest?


  4. What is the significance of the words shelter and shadow? What do these words suggest? What image of God do you prefer: mother hen, shield, fortress, immune system, force field? Why?


  5. Read verses 9 & 10. Is God’s protection available to everyone? What does it mean to make God your dwelling place?


  6. Does God’s protection mean Christians are immune from any and all harm? Explain.


  7. Read verses 11 & 12. Where in the New Testament are these verses quoted and by whom? Read Luke 4:9-13. Since our enemy misinterpreted and misapplied this scripture to Jesus, can we expect him to attempt to distort its message in our lives?


  8. In this pandemic, how can we be a refuge to others?