John 13:1-7


The mission if TRF is “to equip and encourage each other in love, to know Jesus and make Him known.” This weekend several servant leaders spoken about just a few of the ministry opportunities at TRF that help us accomplish that goal.


If you are like me, you were impressed not only with the opportunities available at the church but also the manpower it takes to accomplish the church’s mission. Each of us has a unique and important role to play in serving others, the church, and the world around us. This week we’ll talk about serving.

Discussion Questions

1) Read John 13:1-17. Jesus said that He was giving us an example of how to serve one another. What obstacles are in your life, whether external or internal that can keep you from serving like Jesus?

2) Read Philippians 2:5-8. It’s a heart change, not a guilt trip that will lead people to serve. Jesus spent his entire life serving others and was mocked, and hated. He paid the price of death on the cross in His ultimate act of service to mankind. Why would Jesus pay these prices to serve people?

3) What would it look like for us to have the mindset of Christ, the very nature of a servant? What would it cost us to live this lifestyle of serving others?

4) It is a privilege to serve the Lord. And God has given each of us a supernatural capacity to serve the body of Christ. When you think about serving, do you jump at the opportunity or do you cringe or shy away at the thought? Why (be honest!)?

5) Are you aware of any needs in the church that God might have equipped you to help fulfill?

6) What is something specific you can do this week to help build a culture of serving at TRF ?


Thank Jesus for the price He paid to serve mankind. Confess any selfish ambition, pride or self-centeredness that conflicts with the heart of serving others. Ask God to help you serve the people around you.