God is creator, and the all powerful one and the ultimate sovereign One in the universe. But among his children, the most common reference to him is the term “Father”



The term “Father” in reference to God in scripture  is not a metaphor. He is and wants to be your actual literal father. Even if you had a bad relationship with your earthly father the essence of fatherhood is found in him not our earthly fathers. The focus of this week’s discussion will be on how can we foster a more meaningful relationship with our earthly father. 


Discussion Questions


What stood out to you from Randy’s message?


What do the words “Heavenly Father” communicate to you? How does it make you feel? What pictures does it bring to mind?
What are the responsibilities of an earthly Father? What are the responsibilities of our Heavenly Father? 


Do you find it difficult to relate to God as a father? Why?

The word “Abba” in the Greek language is a very intimate term used almost exclusively by immediate family members. Read Mark 14:36; Galatians 4:6, and Romans 8:15.

Who uses the term Abba in Mark 14:36?
Do we have the right to use that term with God? Explain your answer. 

When we were younger, many of us had difficult relationships with our earthly father. Most of those have been repaired:

How was that relationship mended and how can you use that experience to mend or develop a deeper relationship your Heavenly Father?  

Do you remember praying growing up? What was that like? What would it look like to have a more conversational relationship with your Heavenly Father?